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In 1929, James Neville McArthur opened McArthur Dairy in Hollywood, Florida...

history01But the dairy’s real story begins on October 13, 1893, when James Neville McArthur was born on a farm in the cotton belt of rural Mississippi. Although James’ father, John Wesley McArthur, could barely read or write, he was determined that all ten his children would be educated and go to college.

James attended Mississippi State College in Starkville, where he graduated with a B.S. degree in agriculture and, after a stint in the Army, young Mr. McArthur wound up at the University of Florida where he obtained a degree in teaching.

history2After Eleven years in classrooms, he found himself in Miami where he took charge of the county vocational agriculture school farm. Here, his background in farming and agriculture led him to dairy farming.

In 1929, J. Neville McArthur opened McArthur Dairy with just twenty tan jersey cows and the help of two buddies who, at the time, were willing to work for nothing more than food and lodging.

In 1958, the original farm in Hollywood, Florida, moved to a larger tract in Broward County, just north of Lake Okeechobee.

mcarther 1950 textIn the years that have followed, McArthur Dairy’s commitment to freshness and quality has won the loyalty, and a place at the table, of thousands of Florida families from Vero Beach to Key West.

In 1980, Dean Foods, a Fortune 500 Company purchased McArthur Dairy to add its outstanding products to their excellent line of dairy products and specialty foods.